Monday, February 16, 2009

What I Wore - Purple Monday

This is my I don't want to do anything fun outfit. You haven't seen a lot of this yet as I just started to blog my outfits and I have had a lot of inspiration (and new clothes) but I see black dress pant outfits in our future. I LOVE a good pair of black dress pants and ANYTHING.

Today's inspiration was the white tank peeking out from under the purple sweater. The white tank has awesome purple and pink detailing on it. I loved the colors and design and had to have it. The tank is Old Navy. The sweater is thrifted for $5. (It is sooo soft it is quite shocking! Literally. Every time my husband hugs me we get shocked.) I added my purple belt for some more purple color. (Target) I made the necklace that I am wearing. I got my inspiration from the movie Monster in Law. I was watching this JLo flick a couple months ago and I loved the necklace that JLo was wearing. I went out and bought clear string and a huge clear pendant. The pendant has a prismic coloring to it and is a heart shape. I LOVE it. So simple yet fun!


Fell4fashion said...

ok, I so commented on an old post and told you to feel better, which it looks like u do! Funny me!

Love that purple on you!
Much love, Danielle

Melanie said...

Did you buy fun eye stuff too? Your eyes look new!