Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Wore Today

I just want it to be warm again... but it isn't, so I had to dress warm. Not warm enough for my office were there is a fan blowing right on me, but warm enough.

I bought this jacket on sale somewhere a while ago. I tend to wear it with slimmer cut jeans so that the boxy shape doesn't make me look.... yes boxy. I found this clip at Joann's when shopping with my mom. I used it to pull the jacket in at the waist to give the jacket an hour glass shape.

The maroon boots are from Payless about 3 years ago. The khakis are from Ann Taylor Loft. The green tshirt is from Target. There is also a brooch pinned to the sleeve of the jacket. My mom gave me the brooch for Christmas and I have been looking for a way to wear it out of the ordinary.

I see from this post that it is again time to do something with my hair. I am trying to grow it out... I think... but I do love Toni's hair here.

To cut my hair or not????


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

hey! thanks so much for the compliments on my hair. i've been trying so hard to grow it out because i really want long hair again.

here is the link for the pictures i took to my stylist.

They took off the front view of the model which i thought showed the haircut the best. But i really liked this cut when i had it. But no, there's not really much to do with it except blowdry it and put some wax or pomade in it. my hair is still growing and i still cant put it in a pontail!

but for someone who likes short hair and wants to keep it short, i totally recommend this cut. if you have a wavy texture, it looks great. and total style time (including a blow dry) is like 7 minutes.

hope that helps!!

JGeb said...

Thanks for the tips of the earrings! Duh, why didn't I think of that?!